Our Design and Consulting services include:

  • Pre-Design – Data Analysis and Inventory Profiling to determine Baseline for Design
  • We deliver a detailed analysis of your data and logistic needs for today and tomorrow depicted via Material, Process and Data Flows
  • Design – Intralogistics advice and Concept Design
  • We Design a concept or concept(s) that will meet the defined Business Requirements.
  • Animation, 3D and Simulation tools are available to enable you to get a better understanding of how each Concept will look within your facility. Many clients find this very useful when presenting Business Cases or as an ability to demonstrate the capability of their facility or operations with their clients (ie: 3PL).
  • The final result is a layout that integrates our solution into your business environment.
  • Process Flows – Review of current Process and Data Flows and determine opportunities to increase efficiency, productivity, accuracy and eliminate ineffective touch points.
  • RFP / RFQ – Supplier Evaluation
  • Project Management – Realisation of turnkey Storage, Material Handling, Software (WMS  /WCS), Docks and Door Projects
  • Testing & Commissioning – Independent Element, Load, Integration Testing of Suppliers to Contract Deliverables.
  • Post Implementation – Life cycle services through the entire life cycle of the respective equipment elements via Maintenance Contracts.
  • Post Implementation – Software Support Services via Software Support Agreements.