Pallet flow through enables fast throughput and automatic stock rotation for businesses that have large batches of the same SKUs.

Pallets are fed and retrieved from opposite sides. Pallet flow through can be used as buffer storage in staging areas, production, goods reception and dispatch. Pallet accessibility on a First In First Out basis.

Vital Statistics
Average locations used 90%
Immediate accessibility 13%
Stock rotation Average
% of Floor Space Covered By Storage 55%

Features and Benefits

  • Very dense storage achieved especially when few SKU’s and high number of pallets
  • FIFO guaranteed, ideal for products with shelf life or absolute rotation
  • Secure and safe handling as the pallet truck does not enter the rack
  • Stable loads and constant, high quantity pallet mandatory
  • Wide range of pallets can be accommodated at the design stage
  • Designed in accordance with EN 15512:2009 (formally FEM)