Industrial Sectional Doors

The concept of the industrial sectional doors is made in line for a concept to be used in warehouses especially to be used in docking areas as well as the entrance systems into the facility or warehouse. These doors provide insulation and hence do provide insulation to the building especially used in temperature maintained warehouses. These doors are very user friendly, light and can be designed in such a way that to maximize the space in the warehouses and similarly serve the purpose of not losing the performance in the objective of maintaining the temperature in the warehouse. We have several type of lift which we can provide after studying the clients requirement and warehouse maximization.

Some common track lift types are:

  • Vertical lift
  • Standard lift
  • High lift
  • Low Head


The safety features and the operating methods of sectional doors could be customized as per customer’s requirement.

Some of them are remote controls, magnetic loops, movement sensors and normal push button open and close. While promoting a product, M/S Janflex provide customers forecasting the versatility on the maintenance part for the future so that customer need not spend huge money in getting services done for the product.


For Example:

1.Providing the motor on the side wherever there is maximum space. This is to ensure that in the event of maintenance on the motor if ever we do not need to spend large amount of time in removing for repair or replacement purposes.

2.When doors go more that an elevation of 5 meters and the warehouse has headroom where a vertical lift may be proposed. However when it comes to a future maintenance customer will have to hire an access platform every time one needs to go up to a point to reach the springs. Hence the vertical lift with consoles will be proposed taking clients future maintenance needs in count.

3.Pedestrian doors to be proposed wherever there is frequent warehouse operating personal accessing the exit and entry point where the door is installed. This would save electricity and time for the customer if provided.

We Janflex would study your requirements and give proposals taking all these into consideration as our objective is to serve client to the maximum.