Selective pallet racking is very cost-effective, providing high capacity storage and easy access to all pallets.

It is ideal for businesses that have many different products that go to a lot of different places, where orders are complex and involve a mix of different SKUs. Simple to install, selective pallet racking is infinitely adjustable and easy to customise. Selective pallet racking is serviced by conventional forklift trucks.

It is the most widespread and simple application for storage on vertical loading levels. This system is suitable for picking and storing of different loading unit like boxes, crates, containers etc. Along with this the possibility of developing multi-tier racking system with intermediate load bearing walkways further enhancing the versatility of the system. It typically comes with a roll formed clip in configuration and it is fully safe storage system.

It also has a guaranteeing price-performance ratio due to limited pallet redundancy and low floor utilization. It also ensures instant access to pallets which boils down to good stock rotation.


Vital Statistics
Average locations used 95%
Immediate accessibility 100%
Stock rotation Good
% of Floor Space Covered by Storage 38%


  • Individual access to all pallets to full height of warehouse
  • Simple stock rotation achieved
  • Easy beam adjustment accommodates variable pallet heights
  • Compatible with many handling equipment styles
  • Conventional tolerance for floors when used to 10m high
  • Lower level pallets can be located on the floor (picking pallets)
  • Accessories available can accommodate every unit load type
  • Economical shelving beams can be added for low level picking
  • High average locations used 95%, for 100% accessibility, good stock rotation
  • Lifetime OEM Warranty – Conditions apply
  • Complies with AS4084:2012
  • Tested in accordance with EN 15512:2009 (formally FEM)