Ultima Longspan Shelving System

Dexion Ultima Longspan 2 is the ideal flexible shelving solution for a wide variety of applications.

Engineered to be strong, durable and safe. The smart design is simple to assemble and can be customised to suit your needs.

Ultima Longspan 2 is ideal for:

  • Single tier and high rise applications
  • Compactus mobile shelving
  • Large, bulky and heavy items
  • Long, odd shaped or awkward items
  • Carton live storage applications
  • Archive boxes
  • Artwork and museum items
  • Strong enough to integrate a mezzanine on top of shelving
  • Work bench


HI-280 Shelving System

Perfect for a growing business, HI280 is the ultimate small parts storage solution. When looking for a small parts storage solution, everyone has particular needs. Whatever your need might be, you can be confident that the HI280 Shelving System can deliver it. When your business requirements change, the HI280 Shelving System can change with them. It is that adjustable. HI280 Shelving System is easy to install. It is durable in use, it is also easy to adjust and then readjust.

A patented construction method has made this possible. The HI280 is a solution made from high-grade pre-galvanised steel and designed based on a minimum number of basic components, with an absence of nuts and bolts for the single-tier installations. The standardised frame elements guarantee easy assembly. Additional components, from a wide range of accessory parts, can simply be pushed in and hung on afterwards.

This makes the HI280 Shelving System extremely robust and incredibly adaptable. The variety of applications is almost endless – from a small traditional shelving system to an automated high-rise racking installation.

Ultima Longspan

Key features and benefits:

  • Step beam with flat front face provides space for applying labels
  • Clip together assembly for fast easy assembly or disassembly
  • Clip-less shelves (sitting on side rails) for single person fitting and removal
  • Adjustable shelving at 50mm pitch for easy customisation
  • Braced frames for strong durable construction
  • Welded beam connectors provide stability for multi-tier applications
  • Modern colour combination to suit office and commercial environment


HI-280 Shelving

Key features and benefits:

  • Suitable for 2 tier, multi tier and high rise applications
  • Efficient and clearly arranged storage solution
  • Fast access to stored goods
  • Wide range of standard accessories to suit almost any application
  • High load capacity (weight)
  • Individually adaptable to the physical situation and the stored goods
  • Easy ton install and handle
  • Saves space and time, reducing costs
  • Expandable – future-proof investment
  • Development, planning, manufacturing, construction and maintenance – all from one source
  • OEM Lifetime Warranty – Conditions apply