Dexion Auto Shuttle offers high-density pallet storage without the need for forklifts to drive into the racking system.

It makes the most of limited space and forklift truck fleets. Dexion’s Auto Shuttle deposits and retrieves pallets within the system as required. Ideal for businesses that have a low number of SKU’s but large batches needing high storage density.

Vital Statistics
Average locations used 80%
Immediate accessibility Up to 100%
Stock rotation Good
% of Floor Area Covered By Storage 49%

Features and Benefits

  • Very dense storage
  • FILO or LIFO
  • Excellent for storage of SKU Batches or Expiry Dates (Managed at each level)
  • Reduced Rack Life Costs (Forklift does not enter the rack, operates at the face only)
  • Reduced MHE Costs
  • OEM Lifetime Warranty – Conditions apply
  • Complies with AS4084:2012
  • Tested in accordance with EN 15512:2009 (formally FEM)