Deepstor drive-in racking system is designed for high volume storage, with easy access to pallets.

Suitable for businesses that have only a few SKUs but high pallet quantities. Low cost and space efficiencies are critical drivers. Ideal for cold storage. Unique self-centring rails position pallets quickly and safely, eliminating time-consuming realignment. Picking and replenishing is facilitated by conventional forklift trucks.

Ideal solution for high density storage, it can be made with various depths. Pallets here are picked in LIFO (Last -In -First -out) meaning last item placed is the first one to be picked. This system is progressively completed and reinforced with horizontal and vertical bracing components. This is completed with optional floor guides that assist access of forklifts.

Vital Statistics
Average locations used 75%
Immediate accessibility >100%
Stock rotation Average
Average floor area by pallet position (sqm) 0.55

Drive In Racking

Features and Benefits;

  • Very dense storage, ideal for few SKU’s with high pallet quantities
  • Prevents product crushing, and offers damage free storage
  • Floor single or double stacked pallets always accessible
  • Low capital costs using conventional handling equipment
  • OEM Lifetime Warranty – Conditions apply