A raised platform made from structural steel can provide a greater span and working space when the area on the underside of the structure is to be used for storage, order consolidation, staging or Value Added Services.This enables you to achieve uninterrupted space above and below which offers enhanced flexibility and greater utilisation of available space. Client examples include use as a workshop space, for additional storage, a manufacturing process, packing area or for the placement of a conveying or sorting system.

Vital Statistics
Type Structural Steel or Dexion 808
Design Mezzanines are designed to suit the business requirements. Please contact our Team to discuss your specific application and we will design a solution accordingly
Configuration Single or Multi Tier Applications

Features and Benefits

  • Design tailored to the shape of the site and the load-bearing performance required
  • Provides the greatest amount of usable space on top and the least possible obstructions underneath
  • Shelving can be easily added above or below the floor
  • Can accommodate multi-tier application<